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"GATE To The World" presents your for viewing pleasure - A Korean Drama! Drama:  Potato Star 2013Q3 [Part 1]   ~ DELUXE ~ Episodes:  60No. of Discs:  8 [ original discs; high picture and sound quality ]Language:  KoreanSubtitles:  English - excellent / Chinese/MalayCast: Lee Soon-jae Yeo Jin-goo Ha Yeon-soo Go Kyung-pyoStoryline:A mysterious asteroid crash-lands on Earth in 2013 and causes all sorts of weird things to start happening, specifically to the Noh family and their neighbors. The show begins with Na Jin Ah and her mother Gil Sun- Ja living in a shabby house on the outskirts of Seoul. Jin-Ah dreams of pursuing a career in Kong Kong, a toy company, which her late father contributed to, but due to a lack of a college degree and experience, her application is rejected from the screening process. Meanwhile, the eldest son of the Noh family, Noh Min-Hyuk, prepares to inherit the role of CEO in Kong Kong. Also, the current CEO and head of the Noh family, Noh Soo-Dong is preparing to leave the company due to bladder sensitivity issues. Other members of the Noh family include; the father of Soo- Dong, Noh Song, his wife Wang Yoo- Jung, their two daughters, Noh Bo- Young and Noh Soo- Young, and their pet dog, Cheol- Min......continues to 120 episodes on PART 2.STOCK HAS ARRIVEDDiscounts apply to combined shipping and on the purchase of 3 or more titles. Don't be the one who missed out getting your copy of it this time around!THANK YOU!  Please note that there is currently worldwide mailing delays in nearly all countries. Do not except your order to arrive within the regular 7-10 working days....or days quoted by .  It is now taking anywhere up from 2 - 4 weeks in some countries for orders to be delivered. Please note that in all cases, orders WERE finally received.These delays result from customs delays [due to terror threats] and late local mailing deliveries in the country itself.Please advise by email if you prefer your order to be sent WITH TRACKING.  An invoice will be sent covering the extra cost.No refunds or replacements for late arriving orders will be made unless the the DVD itself is defective or 4 weeks or more have passed and you still have not received your order.Please be patient as this has happened in less than 1% of all cases.....of course orders that are "really"  lost are replaced.Thank you for your understanding and continued support!When Quality counts and you want Value for your Money then there's only one "Gate to the World".Please note you will need a Multi-Region DVD Player to view this drama. If you have any doubts please contact us.

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Potato Star 2013QR3 [PART 1] DELUXE NEW Korean Drama - GOOD ENG SUBS 9555499402312

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